List Of Hindu Pre Wedding Rituals – You Should Know About

20 Apr, 2022,

In Indian marriage is considered a sacred ceremony that follows age-old traditions and customs. Let us know in brief about some hindu pre wedding rituals that have got a special significance in Hinduism. 

Marriage unites two individuals forever. Indian weddings can vary according to the region and community. But every Hindu wedding consists of many unique customs and rituals that make the wedding more beautiful. Yet modern couples are opting for new ways to make Indian weddings stunning and vibrant still, the marriage rituals have special importance in this sacred ceremony. Let's take an example of Bengali wedding photography, where the experienced cameraman tries to capture the beauty of Bengali wedding rituals from every angle.

Whether it’s a Kallire ceremony of a Punjabi wedding or a Sindur Daan from a Bengali wedding, every Indian wedding ritual provides us a chance to celebrate this holy union and honor our heritage and culture.

You must understand the importance of the Hindu pre wedding rituals to feel the beauty of age-old ceremonies.

1. Lagna Patrika

Indian people find an auspicious time for every work. Then how can they forget to find an auspicious time for a holy ceremony like marriage? Lagna Patrika is an age-old Vedic ritual that announces the date of marriage. According to this pre marriage rituals a Hindu priest is invited to the house who will read out the Lagna Patrika of the would-be couple in front of their families and guests. These wedding rituals take place before a few months of an Indian engagement ceremony. On this day the bride and groom-to-be exchange a written wow that their wedding will take place at a specific date and mentioned time. This date and time are later printed on the wedding card as Muhurtham details.

2. Roka

After finalizing the auspicious date of the wedding comes the next Hindu pre-wedding rituals called Roka. This Hindu wedding ritual takes place at the bride's house. All relatives and friends are invited to this special event where the groom's family presents a traditional stole and gift items to the bride-to-be. The main purpose of this ritual is to ensure the bride's parents that the relationship is fixed forever. Both the family then exchange gifts with each other and celebrate this happy moment.

3. Tilak Ceremony 

This pre wedding ceremony is an essential part of an Indian wedding. Specially made for the groom this ritual takes place at the groom's house. The bride's family visits the groom’s place to bless the would-be groom. Usually, the father or the brother of the bride applies the red vermilion with some rice grains on the groom’s forehead. It means that the bride’s family has excepted the groom. After performing the Tilak on the groom both the family exchanges gifts like sweets, coconut, rice, jewelry, and cloths. Which establishes a special bond between both the families.

4. Sagaai

Just like other countries Indians also celebrate a grand engagement ceremony to mark the beginning of their wedding preparations. These days couples celebrate the Sagai or Ring ceremony in a fun way but according to the custom this Indian wedding ceremony needs to be performed in the presence of a Hindu priest where the bride and groom exchange rings and make a promise to each other to stay together forever. Both the couple are blessed by their family member and close ones. You can make this special moment a beautiful memory of your life by hiring the best wedding photographer in Kolkata who can bring images to life.

5. Haldi Ceremony

Haldi ceremony is a fun-filled ritual that is held a few days before the wedding. This vibrant ceremony begins with applying turmeric paste on the brides' and grooms' entire bodies. Usually, the turmeric paste is mixed with milk and rose water which is believed to enhance the wedding glow of the would-be couple. Turmeric is also considered auspicious which keeps the couple away from all evil eyes.

6. Ganesh Puja

No Hindu worship or wedding ritual is complete without taking the blessing of Lord Ganesha. This puja is held a day before the wedding to take blessings of the most auspicious deity of Indians. This puja brings good luck in the couple’s life and marks a happy and prosperous new beginning.

7. Mayara

Mayara is also a beautiful wedding traditions of Indian weddings. According to this ritual the maternal uncle of both bride and groom along with his family gifts clothes, jewelry, and sweets to her sister’s family and also showers blessings upon his niece or nephew.

8. Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet ceremony is a kind of pre wedding party where all the family members, friends, and relatives of the bride sing folk songs related to the Indian wedding. Nowadays this conventional ritual is transformed into an exciting and contemporary pre-wedding ritual where the brides dance on Bollywood hits. Today sangeet ceremonies are organized in private clubs or hotels to make it a fun celebration.

9. Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi is another fun-filled and vibrant ritual that is organized at the bride’s house. In Indian mehndi ceremony, Mehendi artists make elaborate designs with a henna paste on the hands and feet of the bride. According to beliefs, the dark color of the mehndi symbolizes the affection and love of the groom towards the bride. In the modern-day mehndi ceremony we can see some stunning dance performances of brides made as their bestie’s hand is adorned with gorgeous mehndi design.

10. Chura Ceremony

The Chura ceremony is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Punjabi pre wedding photography. In this ritual, the maternal uncle of the bride brings churras which are a set of white and red bangles. These 21 sets of beautiful bangles need to be worn by the bride on her wedding day. This ritual is performed on the day of the wedding to wish the bride-to-be good luck and a happy wedding journey. These gorgeous bangles must be worn by a Punjabi bride for 45 days after the wedding.

To Sum Up

Hindu pre-wedding rituals are a culmination of emotions that beautifully unite two families. Such an emotional moment needs to be captured in the best possible way to create everlasting memories that will become the reason for bringing a smile to your face.