The Perfect Return Gift Ideas for Wedding

01 Feb, 2023,

Here are the best ideas for return gifts that will keep your guests talking long after the party is over.

Is there anything better than a return gift ideas for wedding after all the fun and happiness for the bride and groom?  Photographer in Kolkata for wedding gives a best moment’s photo. What will make your guests remember your grand and beautiful ceremony even after they get home? Let's find out!

Here are some return gift ideas for wedding:


1. Gold coins:

marriage return gift ideas. It's small and valuable and will always remind you of your wedding. It has always been a traditional gift in Indian homes, so your aunts will love it. It's a classic way to give a gift, but it's pretty pricey. Give a beautiful box with an 18K gold coin in it. Your guests will love wedding gift items.

2. Silver coins:

A pure silver coin is a good choice if you want something beautiful, has a long history, and doesn't break the bank. If it is engraved with a personal "Thank you," it will surely be treasured wedding favours for guests. Also, silver is thought to bring luck, which is a plus. Silver coins can also be worn as jewellery, making them one of the most useful wedding return gift ideas for guests.

3. Diamond Stones:

You can have a gemstone fest if you want to break the limit on return gifts. Give your guests gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc. It is one of the most expensive royal perfect wedding gifts that can be given as a thank-you at a royal wedding or ceremony. You can even give each guest a different stone and have them guess which one they got. Isn't that a best return gift ideas for a wedding gift?

4. Gold Earrings:

Gold is very valuable. So it would help if you found a good middle ground between expensive and too expensive. In this case, gold earrings are the best return gift ideas. You can give your guests a simple but elegant presentation without spending much money on it.

5. Perfumes:

A bottle of perfume is just as valuable as a piece of jewellery. Somehow, perfumes are a sign of wealth and elegance. It shows how well you choose best wedding gifts. It also looks nice, will be useful to your guests, and can fit nicely into your budget. This is a one-of-a-kind wedding gift ideas that you should think about getting. Best wedding photographer in Kolkata for any photo shoot.

6. Candle Holders:

The elegance of pastel candles in gold or off-white candle holders can't be beaten. This could be the return gifts for wedding if you want to add style and substance to your guest's living room. Candleholders are a beautiful addition to wedding gift baskets. If you add a scented candle, your neighbours will start discussing your wedding. It is a best return gift ideas for wedding.


You thought you could only give chocolates, but you could do so many unique return gift ideas. Be creative with how you treat your guests while give return gift ideas for wedding; they will leave with smiles and blessings for you. Contact a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata to set up a photo shoot for your wedding.